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Health is a current and progressive state of well-being, and is comprised of physical, mindful, and social factors that ultimately determine a persons success in all their endeavors.

Nick Bracciante

Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Exercise Physiologist

Podcast Host

Founder, Effort Rx

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about Effort and exploring the website. I’m Nick, and I created Effort Rx to best serve others as they work towards the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.


While some people may be focused on athletic performance, others may be driven to follow a path of general good health. Whatever the goal, I believe progress is ultimately the result of quality effort. As someone dedicated to a growth-mindset, I appreciate that effort across multiple domains can be a grind. The mission of Effort Rx is to help with that journey, making the process efficient and sustainable.


My formal education, including a bachelors in exercise science and doctorate in physiotherapy, enables me to apply current scientific principles to improve health and performance. I also find great value in exploring what drives people to succeed, as this skill deepens working relationships and promotes improved autonomy.


I look forward to connecting with colleagues and clients as Effort Rx progresses. I am just as excited to learn from others as I am to teach what I have learned. 

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