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-Ready to try your FIRST safe, effective, and efficient exercise program?

-Finished physical therapy but still need to progress your fitness?

-Bored with your current routine and ready to take it to the next level?

-Planning to perform a race or fitness event and need a plan? 

-Need a trainer to hold you accountable to assure your success?

-Struggling to solve problems related to diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure or cholesterol, obesity?

-Trying to lose weight and gain confidence and knowledge to manage your body composition on your own?

What can you expect with Effort Rx Fitness? video HERE

Solutions you can expect with Effort Rx Fitness

Understanding the safest methods to challenge the musculoskeletal system to improve durability and adaptability 

Trackable progress in functions of fitness performance, health processes, and lifestyle management  

Consistent feedback and communication to assure sustainability and satisfaction 

Fitness programming with Effort Rx is designed for long term success

There is an athlete in all of us, and whether the goal is to return to high-level sport, enhance movement quality, or reverse disease processes, we can train for success. 

Single Session - 1:1
1 hr

Fitness Assessment 

(In-person 1-time session)

Schedule your first session to explore your health history, goals and program progressions, and measure baseline fitness. Performed at Revolution fitness or at your preferred location.

Nothing to book at the moment

Fitness Session

(1 on 1 personal training)

**Can be packaged for discounted rate**

Private training sessions that will progress your fitness and health program. Sessions performed at Revolution Fitness or at your preferred location.

Nothing to book at the moment

Online Programming

(2 or 3 month programs)

Schedule your initial consult (online) to begin your online program. We'll get started with a health/fitness history, goal planning and expectations, and program progressions.

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