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Physical Therapy

-Currently have an injury that prevents you from performing at your best?

-Keep getting injured while training, practicing, or competing?

-Undergone surgery and looking to resume high-level activities?

-Already performed rehab but didn't get back to 100%?

-Experience chronic pain or have several health issues that complicate     functional activities or exercise?

-Recovery from exercise or activities could be better? (ie sleep disturbances, persistent soreness, aches, require pain medication)

What can you expect with Effort Rx PT? video HERE

Solutions you can expect with Effort Rx PT

Understand the causes of your symptoms or limitations and how they will improve 

Enhanced movement quality and reduced pain through targeted treatment 

Optimize recovery and reduce injury risk by performing customized, progressive exercises 

PT with Effort Rx is designed for long term success

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Effort Rx is a fee-for-service provider

Private setting located within Revolution Fitness

Visits performed with Nick Bracciante, PT, DPT

Referral for PT is required beyond initial evaluation 


Physical Therapy Evaluation

  • One-on-one time with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Detailed review of injury history, sources of symptoms

  • Movement analysis and fitness assessment

  • Organized outline of your tailored recovery program

  • Self-management techniques to promote faster progress


Physical Therapy Follow-Up

  • Continue your rehab progress with ongoing 1:1 treatment 

  • Progress your exercise program to improve strength, stamina, and mobility

  • Learn safe activity and fitness modifications to minimize injury risk


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